Selecting an external service provider for change management

Selecting an external service provider for change management

An external service provider such as a change management consulting firm, an interim manager or contract resource, can benefit your organization in many ways.

You need to speak with potential service providers, give them a high level briefing and have a discussion with them either on the phone or via face to face meeting. See if they talk sensibly, ask the right questions and seem to have a good spontaneous grasp of your issues, and assess the personal chemistry.

Provide information

If you both feel it is worth proceeding to the next step sign up a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement. Then email them the output of your latest strategic review or any other relevant documentation.

Preliminary analysis

Invite them to spend the time to undertake a brief on site preliminary analysis. This includes a clear brief from you and allowing them to meet a cross section of key people involved. Often there are no charges for this but you cover their pre-agreed out of pocket expenses.


A face to face debriefing and a sheet or two of A4 summarizing their assessment is what you get from them. Then if both of you feel you are beneficial for each other they prepare a concise proposal addressing the most obvious steps outlining the possible steps to be taken ahead.

Starting a mutuality of interest

While going through this process of selection, the benefit to you is that you don’t pay them to understand your business. You get to see them in action and decide if you want to work with them or not. They get to see if they can and want to help you. If both parties are happy, a contract is signed to implement the agreed first step. Later, if both parties are still happy to be together, hire them for the duration of the assignment, and if required dictate beyond that.

Similar to attending a customer service workshop, change management consultants might arrange workshops or training sessions to bring about the required change in your organization. Today, internet is the best place to search more about a specific topic, find related information, and locate service providers near you. 

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