Establishing & Running a Perfume Business – A Guide

Establishing & Running a Perfume Business

How long does it typically take to open a business of oud perfume in Dubai? Of course, to open a perfume business with a retail chain or a website you have to have the capital to get started. You have to source the essential ingredients, hire workers, transport them to your premises, store inventory, deliver the items to customers and keep good stock on hand. That’s a lot of steps to cover if you’re just starting out!

The Pros and Cons of Perfume Business:

The great thing about running a small business like selling perfume recipes online is that it is extremely scalable. One of the biggest challenges when launching any type of business is the ‘getting started’ phase. Running a perfume business is no different – you can easily build a small online presence and sell your first fragrance in under a week.

So, how do you create a simple but effective perfume business plan?

Here are some tips from successful online perfume entrepreneurs:

  1. If you’re thinking of starting a perfume business and selling hand sanitizer in UAE, write a business plan. Your business plan will outline every single aspect of your operation.
  2. It will outline all the logistics that will make your business run smoothly. Write your plan with’start-up costs’ in mind – this means everything from buying your equipment through to paying suppliers and hiring employees.

Determine your target market: Do you want to service upscale clients, those who can afford premium fragrances, or are you going to launch a brand new perfume recipe for teenagers? Think about the niche you will specialize in. It is better to launch a perfume business that will cater to a large niche than one that will appeal to everyone.

Choose your product: Decide which scents you will specialize in manufacturing. It can be hard selling perfume blends that have a lot of different notes, but if you can produce a unique and highly polished perfume blend, then people will be willing to pay more. It is also possible to sell perfume scents that have been discontinued, or mass produced.

Get your bottles to market: Once you have decided on your product niche and products, you must learn how to get your bottles into potential fragrance market places such as department stores. There are many small retail stores that carry a range of discount perfume blends. You could talk to your perfume supplier about getting your perfume sold in these stores. You can also offer free samples to attract new customers.

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