Benefits of Hiring a Human Translator

Benefits of Hiring a Human Translator

There are so many people who say that technology is killing jobs for humans. At some huge debates, this seems legit but there are a number of people who say that someone is making the technology and that is human. Because of the second statement, there is still hope for jobs. But humans have less credibility as compared to a human because humans are prone to cause errors. But there is one field where humans are preferred over technology and that is for legal translation in Abu Dhabi. This job role is for a translator. You can find different apps and software that can provide you with the service.

But the issue with these software and apps is that they cannot translate emotions and they cannot do marketing translation as well. If a person is getting intimate with a person via text while using an app or a software, at some point, the tools will be translating a totally different thing. Other than intimacy, there are much bigger problems like a CEO needs to conduct a meeting with an overseas investor and there is a language barrier. That is why, we have mentioned some benefits of hiring a human translator.

Better Quality Translation:

No matter how advanced the technology becomes, there is no way that a machine can understand the emotions and expressions for that matter. There is a robot called Sophie that can understand emotions to some extent but that also with the help of the internet. A human, no matter how cold he or she is, they are able to understand emotions and expressions.

Expertise in Language:

Every language has its two parts, the one that is used in the streets and the one that is fully grammatically loaded and that is legal. A software and an app have to updated at all times to keep up with the changes whereas, a human will always know about the latest words and changes in the language.


Software or an app can come up with uncountable sets but initially a human puts up those sets. A language has some creative side as well and that can only be done by a human.

Understanding the Culture:

The software or an app cannot understand the culture while a human translator can and always will.

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